Interlibrary Loan

What is Interlibrary Loan?

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) works with other libraries to provide items that are not available in Hays Public Library’s catalog. ILL will not accept requests for items that the library owns, items that are very new, items that have not been published/released yet, textbooks, or excessively expensive/rare items. All Hays Public Library cardholders in good standing, can use ILL for free.  It may take a minimum of two weeks to receive an ILL item. Patrons will be contacted via their HPL account when the ILL is available for checkout.

Using Self Service ILL

To place a single ILL request, click the button below.

To use the service, patrons must first register. To register, call the Interlibrary Loan desk at (785) 625-9014 x56.

System Login Instructions

Click the “ILL System Login” button above. You will be presented with a login screen. Enter your Hays Public Library card number and PIN (usually the last 4 numbers of your card number). Click ‘Submit’ or press Enter.

If you would like the system to remember your username and password, click the ‘remember me?’ box. We do not recommend this for public computers. If you are using a public computer, please remember to log out of the ILL system when finished.

Note: Internet Explorer is not supported by the ILL system and it will not display or function properly in that browser. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera are all supported.


There is no fee to borrow items from other libraries.

Patrons can have no more than 20 active ILL requests at any time. Requests are considered active from the time they are submitted until the items are returned to the lending library. Any requests over the active limit will be placed into a pending status until an item is returned.

Generally, an in-state request will take 1 to 2 weeks to arrive. It may take longer. Out-of-state requests can take 4 or more weeks. If you have questions about the status of your ILL, please contact the interlibrary loan department at 785-625-9014 x56 or You will be notified when your request is ready to pick up.

Items check out for 6 weeks. Items may be renewed on a case-by-case basis. To attempt to renew an ILL item, please contact the Interlibrary Loan department at 785-625-9014 x56 or at least 3 days before the item is due.

Hays Public Library must remain in good standing with other lending libraries by honoring their due dates and rules in order to remain in the Interlibrary Loan circuit and provide items to our patrons.

Hays Public Library is proud to have no overdue fees for any items including ILL items.

Additionally, patrons who return ILLs without the identifying band will be charged $5 for vinyl bands. These charges will be waived when the band is returned.

If an ILL is lost or damaged, you will be charged a replacement cost determined by the lending library.

Book Discussion Group Kits for Interlibrary Loan

Book clubs may request book kits containing multiple copies of the same title through interlibrary loan. Titles must be chosen from the list of kits provided below and are subject to availability. There are currently over 800 titles to choose from, including classics and newer titles, with more added periodically. ILL will not supplement kits that do not have enough copies for a group. Due to the average length of time to check availability and receive kits, when placing a request we require at least two weeks’ notice before your club will need the book, and ask that you have a backup title just in case your first choice is not available. Kits needed sooner than two weeks are not guaranteed to arrive on time. Book kits cannot be requested online through the KLC/ILL system. After choosing a title, please contact the Interlibrary Loan Department at 785-625-9014 x56 to request a book kit. Patrons are limited to one book kit at a time per library card.

The list of book kits can be found here: PDF list (updated 3/18/20)